CleanAllAir air washers
for odor & air purification


CleanAllAir air washers
for odor & air purification


CleanAllAir air washers
for odor & air purification

Industrial multi-phase air scrubber

Complying with air emission laws and regulations, producing sustainably and environmentally consciously and thereby also ensuring the quality of life in the environment: CleanAir supplies modular, multi-phase customized air scrubbers that respond to the importance of all these businesses.

Depending on the processes in your company, the type of industry, which substances need to be reduced and how high the incoming concentrations are, we provide an air scrubber that suits your company and ensures that you meet all environmental requirements.

The operation of a multiphase air scrubber

Fragrance is made up of a large number of different compounds, most of which are readily soluble in water. Water is used as the transfer medium in a 2- or 3-phase wet-chemical air scrubber. The odor-causing compounds dissolve in water and are filtered out of the air through a number of filter steps. To limit the use of water, substances are added to the water to increase the absorption capacity. In the event that the air flow contains dust, it is also possible to complete a first washing stage as a dust scrubber. In the first stage, the ammonia [NH3] is usually removed (if present in the air stream). The other washing steps mainly remove the odor and/or neutralize the air.

The technique

In order to achieve intensive contact between air and water, the different phases with plastic contact packages are used in the wet-chemical scrubber. With their large specific surface (up to 250 m2/m3), these packages ensure a very efficient transfer of compounds in the gas phase to the water phase. Because the compounds have a different chemical character, 2 or 3 washing steps are used in succession to achieve a high odor reduction.

Various substances are added to the stairs. With these versions it is possible to change in addition at each wash stage. This is to remove or reduce the widest possible range of odor components. With the multi-phase industrial scrubber, it is possible to determine very customer-specific what and how much needs to be reduced. A separate dust trap or pre-cooling is a possible extension of this scrubber.

The most robust air washing systems

As they used to say:

“May cost nothing and never break”

Our systems are still running after 20 years!

Top Quality Service & Expertise

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The controls

The CleanAllAir washer system is fully automated. All washing steps are equipped with a measuring system for, among other things, water level, acidity or redox, temperature and conductivity. Control takes place via a PLC control with touch screen for optimum ease of use. The PLC is prepared for connection to the internet, making remote service support easy to perform. Relevant data is logged and stored in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Placing a test washer

Do you not yet have a good idea of the situation within your company with concentrations of substances and what exactly needs to be cleaned from the air? Then we have the option of installing a test washer. With this washer we can determine together with you on location and see how the air can be cleaned. You can see and smell the result immediately. We use the test washer to show that the air is cleaned and that you meet the emission requirements in accordance with legislation and permits.

Quality and maintenance

Install a CleanAllAir industrial air washer and be assured of quality and reliability. Many of our air washers are still running without problems even after 20 years! Through our maintenance and service contracts (approved by the government), our experienced technicians ensure that your air washer is optimally maintained. Professional preventive maintenance saves you from unexpectedly high costs. In addition to the maintenance report, you will optionally receive an indicative yield measurement. With this analysis you can demonstrate to the government that the air scrubber meets the specified emission requirements. More about maintenance & service.